© Adam Chodzko

Adam Chodzko: Nightvision, 1998
two screen synchronised video projection, digital video on dvd, 13 min 20 sec
courtesy carlier | gebauer

How would you light heaven?

Matias Becker
, Ernesto Caivano, Adam Chodzko, Santiago Cucullu, Peter Land, Peter Pommerer, Jessica Rankin, Robin Rhode, Mari Sunna, Fred Tomaselli, Janaina Tschäpe

In 1998, British conceptual artist Adam Chodzko confronted a group of club, rave, and concert light technicians with this unusual problem. He arranged a meeting between these specialists in the forest at night, requesting that they bring their equipment. All ensuing discussions and attempts to respond to the question were documented on film. The resulting double video projection "Nightvision" follows these efforts to respond to an unresolvable issue and observes the development of an imaginary space. This is built from both personal and collective ideas, desires, visions - until the lights turn off at the end.

Taking Adam Chodzko's question as a starting point, the group exhibition in our gallery reflects the interest in visualising connections between reality and fantasy. Alternative spaces come into being through the creation of myths, surrealist links to the present, and poetic or existential introspections. More than just nostalgic or romantic impulses, the results are highly subjective and specific responses to the simplistic messages of our hyper-mediated world.

Ausstellungsdauer: 1.6. - 31.7.2004
Oeffnungszeiten: Di-Sa 11 - 18 Uhr

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