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Something About Time and Space But I'm Not Sure, 1999
12 cibachrome prints museum mounted, 18 x 23 in
12 Cibachrome-Drucke im Museums-Aufbau, 47,6 x 59,7 cm

Louise Lawler
Not There and Other Works

Sprüth Magers Lee are pleased to present a new exhibition of Louise Lawler - "Not There and Other Works". In this, her first solo show in London, Lawler continues her study into the definition of an object as art through situation, and presents new work "Not There" alongside older work, never before shown in the UK.

Lawler photographs work of art in their own contexts, in their diverse stages of presentation and storage, ranging in spaces from the gallery store room or museum basement to the collector's home. In doing so, hers is a neutral documentation, devoid of commentary or judgement, thereby allowing an open response - one that is neither purely sociological nor purely aesthetic. For Lawler the work exists in its reception; no longer is the notion of a work of art as a stable defined entity valid - instead it is the situation producing the work.

"Something About Time and Space but I'm Not Sure What It Is" consists of twelve parts in which Lawler has recreated and photographed Warhol's silver pillow installation; hanging and floating them randomly from the ceiling or the gallery wall as if themselves air-filled pillows. By photographing not the individual work of art but rather the found situation, surroundings and spatial context, so the relationships between work and their location shifts in to focus. The traditional work of art as an aesthetically meaningful entity separated from it surroundings by a frame becomes void; the surroundings and location become the objects of perception.

Lawler's photographs uncover the hidden interests, desires and declarations of those involved in presenting works of art, thereby illuminating perception and elucidating the senses.

"A work of art is produced by many different things. And art is always a collaboration with what came before you and what comes after you. Working collaboratively allows you to do things that you wouldn't otherwise do. You think about another person's thinking as well as your own, and this acts as an acknowledgement that no work is really produced by one person" (Louise Lawler).

Lawler has previously exhibited in many galleries and museums including the Hirshhorn Museum (Washington DC), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) and Centre d'Art Contemporain (Geneva). Her work is represented in many museum collections including that of the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Whitney Museum (New York) and Centre Georges-Pompidou (Paris).

Exhibition: April 19 - June 19, 2004
Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm Sat 11 am - 4 pm

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