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Manuel Ocampo
The Holocaustic Spackle in the Murals of the Quixotic Inseminaters

Manuel Ocampo, an artist who has lived in Manila, Los Angeles, Rome, and Seville, portrays a world that combines fantasy, satire, and reality. Utilizing symbols from religion and secularism, intellectualism and pop culture, his paintings enact a grotesque pantomime that both mirrors and exaggerates the modern world.

Ocampo's paintings often investigate taboo, exploring racism, the body, and other prohibited subjects in a way that can elicit shock from the viewer. Ocampo depicts a decadent and depraved world whose icons and symbols are used with a repetitiveness that can both lull and repel, and that reveal civilization's achievements as hypocrisy by exposing what it seeks to repress. Shock and chaos themselves become recurrent themes, connected to the culture shock that Ocampo has experienced first hand, and to a social critique that rejects the self-righteousness of didacticism for a mischievous wink and the desire to break taboos.

Manuel Ocampo has exhibited internationally for over fifteen years, including representation in MOCA's "Helter Skelter", the 43rd Corcoran Biennial, the 1993 Venice Biennale and Documenta IX. He has had frequent gallery presentations in Germany, France, Mexico, and Spain, and his work is included in museum and important collections worldwide. Ocampo is a recipient of NEA and Pollock-Krasner awards to name a few.

Exhibition: May 28 - July 2, 2005
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