© Martin Wilner

American Rodeo, 2006-07
Ink on Paper, 16 x 22.5 inches

Martin Wilner
More Drawings About History and Evidence

Much of Martin Wilner's work is diaristic in nature, done in a quotidian fashion, with time playing a role as variable as pen and ink, where a work evolves in a steady manner over an extended time period to unpredictable conclusions, where preset conditions collide head-on with randomness, chance and the unknown.

This exhibition will feature Wilner's "Journal of Evidence Weekly" accordion-style books, "Making History" calendar drawings, and "Game Pieces". The Journal of Evidence Weekly books are drawn while in motion on the New York City subway system. "The volumes themselves have become of late predominantly attempts to translate the acoustic experience of the journey with all of its chaos and cacophony into a visual experience, with representational elements that primarily underscore the sensuous and grotesque elements of the process." (Wilner, 2007)

The "Making History" drawings are based on a calendar format, within which Wilner creates a set of conditions and parameters that allow him to "play an elaborate game of Cadavre Exquis against the future." The "Game Pieces" are variously shaped drawings that explore temporal issues. "American Rodeo", the second of two drawings done in the shape of a map of the USA, shows a zoo-like variety of animals over the various states, becoming an Orwellian parable for 2007.

Exhibition 4 January - 4 February 2008

Gallery hours Thu-Mon 11am - 6pm, and by appointment

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