© Uri Dotan

Uri Dotan: The Real Evidence of Creativity, 2003
Pigment on canvas
Taken during a quartet rehearsal
at Ornette Coleman's studio

music marking making music

Michael Anderson
, Joe Diebes, Uri Dotan, Tomer Ganihar, Angelbert Metoyer

This exhibition brings together five artists working in a diverse range of contemporary media including video, collage, painting, photography and sound, in an effort to uncover current associations between visual art and music. By rendering visible traces or impressions of an ephemeral fluctuating time, or by documenting a volatile creative process, these artists suggest an affinity for music's incorporeal realm. During gallery hours this sensibility will be highlighted by immersing the exhibition in a spatially distributed soundscape, remixed and manipulated from music chosen by the artists.

Uri Dotan's video projection "Displacement" superimposes fluid movement onto rigid architectural structures, mirroring the melting of traditional boundaries in his transdisciplinary work. Also by Dotan are prints from a series of photographs taken during rehearsals at the studio of visionary musician Ornette Coleman, including a portrait of Coleman himself.

Michael Anderson's hyper-saturated collage works, created from torn fragments of street posters, suggest the artist's affinity with jazz and free forms of music through a kinetic visual language of displaced references, dense optical maneuvers and color combinations charged with motion.

The paintings of Angelbert Metoyer, also deeply involved in music, mark a creative process in which conception and execution merge, the layers of which can be read as successive gestures in a musical improvisation.

Tomer Ganihar's C Prints of underground raves in Israel were captured using an open-shutter technique, through which the artist extends the photographic instant into an active duration imbued with trance music and bodily motion.

For the exhibition Joe Diebes has created a spatial music environment designed to never repeat. This 16-channel work will generate itself in real time during gallery hours by manipulating, layering, and spatially distributing samples from music recordings chosen by the artists, with the goal of stimulating a synaesthetic viewer/listener experience of unpredictable juxtapositions and serendipitous correspondences between marking and making music.

Exhibition: February 21 - March 20, 2004
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat 11 am - 6 pm and by appointment

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