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Robert Mann Gallery announces "Nancy Rexroth: Iowa". Works on exhibit will be uniquely toned vintage prints from the "Iowa" series.

From 1970 to 1976 Nancy Rexroth completed "Iowa", a series of images that evoke her memories and dreams of childhood in the Midwest. Working with a Diana camera, she embraced its defects - irregular exposures, bent perspective and blurred focus. As Nancy explains, "The Diana's made for feelings. Diana images are often something you might see faintly in the background of a photograph... sometimes, I feel I could step over the edge of a frame and walk backwards into this unknown region. Then I would keep right on walking..."

Although the work is entitled "Iowa", the images were mostly made in rural Ohio. In the introduction to "Nancy Rexroth: Iowa", Mark Power explains that she "discovered the Iowa of the past in the Ohio of the present. Sunny Iowa was transformed by memory into a dark Iowa with 'a real feeling of melancholy'. It became an Iowa of 'atmospheres' and the Diana became a key - with it, Rexroth unlocks Iowa from wherever she happens to be".

The journey through "Iowa" is one of empathy - as we travel deeper into the artist's past, we also retrieve our own memories of childhood. White wood-frame buildings shimmer; young boys seem suspended in air; sunlight is harnessed in the folds of a curtain; a picnic is shrouded with shadows at dusk. As "Iowa" progresses, people gradually disappear, the dream grows stronger and the images become more abstract, culminating in a luminous vision of pure white sky. In 1977, after completing the body of work, Nancy Rexroth stated "I feel that in many ways "Iowa" is the best part of myself", humbly acknowledging the achievement of capturing a bygone time in her own life and the access to a collective past it grants to her audience.

Nancy Rexroth was born in 1946. Her work is included in numerous collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York City; Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts; and the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris. A monograph entitled "Nancy Rexroth: Iowa" was published in 1977 by Violet Press.

Exhibition: November 18, 2004 - January 8, 2005
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat 11am - 6pm

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