© Peter Hildebrand

Cranberry Knoll, 2005
Enamel on panel, 60 x 44 inches

Peter Hildebrand
You Were Never Here

In his paintings and sculptures, Peter Hildebrand references manufacturing and industrial architecture as a metaphor for issues of human vulnerability. He gravitates toward imagery that alludes to our collective attempts at security but subverts it to expose what turns out to be a false sense of protection.

Fear and vulnerability, and the consequent desire for protection and enclosure, intersect with the desire to embrace vast space and scale. The conflicting impulse to simultaneously withdraw and engage is an important element of his work.

This will be Hildebrand's second exhibition at Pierogi and will include recent paintings.

Exhibition: 31 December, 2005 - 30 January, 2006
Gallery hours: Fri-Mon 12 am - 6 pm and by appointment

Gallery 2
177 North 9th Street
USA-Brooklyn, NY 11211
Telephone 00718 599 2144