© Eddy Posthuma de Boer
Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Philippines

© Juul Hondius
Juul Hondius, UN/Defender, 2000

© James Casebere
James Casebere, Barrel Vaulted Room, 1994
(Collection. Huis Marseille)

Eddy Posthuma de Boer and Juul Hondius
Selected Works from the Collection

This summer, Huis Marseille presents two socially engaged photographers who concentrate on visualising the problems of society through photography. Not only do they represent two generations, but two different visions of engaged photography: both of them, each in his own manner, offer matter for discussion concerning the problems in the Third World and the West's conception of them.

Eddy Posthuma de Boer, the éminence grise of Dutch photo reportage, travels around the world with his camera recording the major (and minor) sufferings of people at the bottom of our society. He approaches this directly, with his "feet in the mud". His style is direct and unadorned, in graphic black and white photos made with a strong feeling for composition and dramatic eloquence. For Huis Marseille, Postuma de Boer has made a very personal selection of the photographs closest to his heart: street children in four different continents and portraits of African children with AIDS. The problem of AIDS will eventually be solved, he comments, the problem of the street children, on the other hand, is hopeless.

With the young conceptual artist-photographer Juul Hondius, the focal point is not so much the subject matter as it is the visual language used in the photographs of, for example, war situations and refugee movements. His most recent work, which will be shown in Huis Marseille, consists of staged tableaux. With the help of our collective Western visual culture, Hondius depicts social questions related to violence, tension and suffering. In the construction of his photographs, Hondius draws upon his own visual research in such sources as newspapers and magazines, but also upon his own memory. The photographs have the characteristics of a film still, whereby the story is only partially clear but the tension all the more apparent.

Selected Works from the Collection
In loose reference to the humane work of Eddy Postuma de Boer and Hondius, a selection from the Huis Marseille collection is made, in which emphasis is on photographs that put people centre stage. Portraits will be shown by photographers such as Céline van Balen, Anton Corbijn, Yasumasa Morimura, Andres Serrano and Beat Streuli, but also monumental works of Craigie Horsfield and Andreas Gursky, with mass humanity as its theme.

Opposite that will be the desolate moon landscapes of Mike Light and the empty constructed spaces of James Casebere. In addition, documentary work by Bertien van Manen and Robert van der Hilst will be shown along with several photos of the young German photographer working in the Netherlands, Dorothée Meyer.

Exhibition: 1.6. – 25.8.2002
This summer, Huis Marseille is open longer in the evenings:
On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, visitors can see the exhibition from 11 am to 7 pm.
On other days, Huis Marseille is open until 5 pm (closed on Mondays).

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