© Jari Silomäki

© Jari Silomäki

Presque des paysages (almost landscapes)

Richard Müller
, Juha Nenonen, Jari Silomäki

photographies & drawings

Richard Müller (born in 1967, Schaffhausen, Switzerland), Juha Nenonen, (born in 1967, Tampere, Finland), and Jari Silomäki (born in 1975, Parkano, Finland), have chosen landscape as a base for the works presented in this show. They are all using "supposed-landscapes" to develop very personal concepts.

Richard Müller gathers old postcards and ancient geographical maps, constituting a collection of images which represent landscapes. From these materials, depicting mostly "cliché" images, he builds his own landscapes. This desire for places - better, undetermined places - leads us to reconsider what is a landscape. The locations Müller has chosen give topographical data basis through which he escapes from reality.

Juha Nenonen photos were shot last summer in Finland. "They all are scenes (stage) for (summer) theatre. But what I have tried to do is to combine the landscape and the artificial scene or construction. My old argument is that everything is "theatre". I am interested in artificiality but also in beautiful (or boring) landscapes".

Jari Silomäki (Fotofinlandia award 2004) about "My weather diary": "Since 2001 I have taken a landscape photograph every day. I connect these photographs to important personal or world political events. At present, these "Weather diaries" comprise hundreds of photographs and is a continuous process; all exhibitions on this theme have been different. The starting point of this work was that world events, personal events and weather will repeat themselves and merge into one large continuum. On the other hand, tying landscape and news concretises how we are in contact with world events through the media. Everything is brought up close, which also means that events that are truly nearby are no longer close".

Exposition: 19.6. - 30.7.2004
Heurs: du mardi au vendredi, 14h-19h, samedi, 13h-19h

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