© Leslie Baum

Leslie Baum: Almost Overlooked, 2003
oil on canvas, 24 X 36 inches
Courtesy Sportsman and Bodybuilder Gallery, Chicago


Leslie Baum
, David Deany, Violet Hopkins, Christopher Schade

"Private" brings together the work of four emerging artists from around the country. Leslie Baum, David Deany, Violet Hopkins and Christopher Schade each frame their private visions of nature through varying degrees of abstraction, often with a fanciful application of material and saturated palettes. The works included in the exhibition range from the large ink paintings on paper by Violet Hopkins to the miniature-like works by Christopher Schade.

Leslie Baum's paintings offer a means of reconciling elements taken from nature, through a technically varied process of painting. Such recognizable forms as plant structures and rock formations become graphically layered amid regions of sprayed color.

The drawings by David Deany, installed in salon style on the gallery wall, assume a presence of how we might imagine the artist's studio. Such images as a cemetery and surrounding foliage have an intuitive understanding that is as severe in its depiction of an existential crossroads as it is playful in its rendering.

Violet Hopkins' rich ink palettes are forms that flow borderlessly between the representational and the abstract. They serve as a chromatic key to wildlife imagery, depicting each color as its own element at times. The two paintings find a suitable form with camouflaged animals in their native habitats. The work titled "Adders Mating" begins from afar as merely plant growth or even non-descript veins of ink flow, but upon approaching it the diamond patterned snakes are seen coiled in a grassy nest with a quality of technique and detail that seems to mirror the equally complex but seemingly uncontrolled and dripping ink that forms the perimeter of the image.

The exhibition also includes six small works on paper by Christopher Schade that put forth an "interest in nature and the intensity of experience" through a culmination of what appears to be a personal mythology constructed from an array of symbols that seem to draw meaning from the primeval and the elemental.

Exhibition: June 17 - July 30, 2004
Gallery hours: June: Tue-Sat 10am - 6 pm
July: Mon-Fri 10am - 6 pm

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