© Roy Villevoye

Film still from Propeller 1995
© Roy Villevoye

Roy Villevoye

Since the early-1990s Roy Villevoye has been working in the Asmat region of New Guinea, which in the 1960s ceased to be a Dutch colony and came under Indonesian rule. This exhibition will include photographs and, two films "Propeller" and "New Forest" (to be screened on alternate days).

Resolutely averse to romanticizing Papuans, Villevoye seeks to destroy the lingering illusion of New Guinea as an intact example of a prehistory to civilization. His work aims to deconstruct the tradition of anthropological documentary making that presents the customs and lives of such natives as other and naive. Instead he aims to give voice to the people themselves, to offer a glimpse of a global village full of rumours, myths, and misunderstandings, set against the background of a troubled economy.

Exhibition: 12 August - 25 September 2005
Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 11 am - 6 pm, Sun noon - 6 pm

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