© Jen DeNike
Jen DeNike: "Untitled"

Something in Common
Jen DeNike, Christine Streuli, Jessica Watson

Massimo Audiello is pleased to present "Something in Common," a group exhibition featuring the work of Jen DeNike, Christine Streuli, and Jessica Watson.

Jen DeNike will be showing photographs from the series "Skipping Stones," and the video "Wrestling." In both bodies of work, DeNike explores the components of male eroticism, through elements such as gesture, landscape, and sound. In "Skipping Stones," the artist, with an eye both malicious and innocent, achieves a surreal repetitive enchantment. The video "Wrestling" more openly deals with sexual ambiguity.

Swiss-born Christine Streuli presents a series of abstract paintings where the subjects, always in a state of movement or displacement, appear elusive: like the memory of an image, or the left-over of a deconstructed pop icon. Whisper-like forms and historical allusions suggest, rather than assert, an abstract poetry made up of sensual memories, and traces of constructs from the social and natural worlds.

Jessica Watson's photographs depict known realities in an unknown way. In an awkward, mischievous manner, she seems to poke at the classical notion of a still-life. The compositions are both casually designed and accidental, giving way to multiple interpretations. A subversive sensuality seems to stand behind the sometimes goofy, at other times enigmatic images, like a cat sleeping with half-closed eyes.

The works of these three women share in common a lenient presentation of sensuality, and a thoughtful rebellion against typical portrayals of sexuality. By disassembling formal constructions, these artists suggest a world of open possibility: where the rules are subject to the artist's and the viewer's interpretation. An open invitation for an open mind.

December 4, 2002 - Feburary 1, 2003
Hours: Tu-Sa 11am - 6pm

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