© Jeroen Nelemans

Jeroen Nelemans: Red Alert, 2007
Video DVD still, 1 min 4 sec.

Space Command

Julian Martin
, Jeroen Nelemans, Carlos Rigau,
Nick Ruiz, Juan Tapia

"Space Command" features new work by emerging artists from Miami, New York and the Netherlands who work primarily with video. The exhibition focuses on multiple aspects of the ever-shifting relationship between art and reality, exploring themes of evolution, mutation, supernatural experience, oversold paradise, and consumerism.

Jeroen Neleman's "Red Alert" is a meticulously edited video piece consisting of an extended series of every attack sequence in the TV show "Star Trek: The Next Generation". A television is perverted to function as an oracle in Nick Ruiz's "Vox Diaboli". Julian Martin's video-installation portraits present appropriated narratives that reflect upon the properties of creative processes and the phenomena that surround them. The video "Personal" by Carlos Rigau proposes a psychic landscape in which evolution and emotion travel along overlapping paths. Juan Tapia's hypnotic video abstractions seek out a reference point for video systems.

Julian Martin
Martin's work consists of several video portraits - some static, others time-based - which address the dynamic tensions between art and reality. Both in subject and process the works aim to reexamine conventions of the creative experience. The work ultimately presents a kind of vortex structure, in which several causes are linked to one mutant effect.

Jeroen Nelemans
In "Red Alert", every attack scene that ever appeared in the show "Star Trek: the Next Generation" is stitched together into an evocative sequence. By virtue of its repetitiveness, the work redoubles the kind of desensitization to violence that is endemic to television programming. Recalling the TV show's knack for thinly veiled references to contemporary cultural and political realities, Nelemans' work proposes an allegory of current events by deflating the notion of a perpetually imminent attack.

© Carlos Rigau

Carlos Rigau: Untitled, 2007
C-print, 28 x 15 in., 71,1 x 38,1 cm

Carlos Rigau
A disassociated video sequence in which a "man-boy" attempts to get "close enough (for the viewer to distill the essentials from the) idea" of being and belonging. Transformation and evolution are obvious and inevitable yet disordered - presumptuous, yet somehow dignified.

© Nick Ruiz

Nick Ruiz: Vox Diaboli, 2007
Installation, dimensions variable

Nick Ruiz
A modified television set functions as an oracular device. Via a set of simple instructions participants are encouraged to ask the TV questions, receiving (usually) an approximately relevant, if not precise, response. The work is an exploration of the multifaceted and historically loaded relationship between art and the supernatural or "unexplained".

© Juan Tapia

Juan Tapia: prismic, 2007
video (loop), 120 sec

Juan Tapia
Consisting of a series of video abstractions that loop endlessly, the pieces work toward establishing a by-product aesthetic, examining the anomalies of video mechanisms. The work moves us closer to an understanding of default aesthetics and the ideals that underline them through an exploration of spontaneous graphic systems.

Curated by Erika Morales

Exhibition November 10, 2007 - January 5, 2008

Opening hours Wed-Sat 12 - 5 pm and by appointment

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