© Spencer Tunick
© Spencer Tunick

Spencer Tunick
"Nude Adrift"

Spencer Tunick is best known for his large-scale photographs that document a momentary performance of large congregations of people grouped together, naked in public. Volunteers are invited to turn up at a carefully chosen place and then arranged by Tunick for real time photographs and video.

"Nude Adrift" comprises a series of works documenting both his performance installations and spontaneous individual portraits from his travels through the 7 continents. During Tunick's journey, 20'000 people posed naked in different locations, creating a strangely surreal and unifying documentation of people and places around the world.

"Nude Adrift" represents a culmination of Tunick's previous series of works, where he travelled across America organising large groups of people ("Reaction Zone") or individual participants ("America Zone") to pose naked in public settings.

Hales Gallery shows seven images (one from each continent). Some are individually posed and others involve vast gatherings of people including Tunick's important shoot at XXV. Bienal de San Paulo; Melbourne, Australia, 2002 and Greenwich, London during Deptford X, 2001.

Tunick studied at "The International Center of Photography". He lives and works in New York. Recent shows have included "The 12th City", XXV. Bienal de San Paulo, Brazil, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile and Musee d"Art Contemporain de Montreal, Quebec.

Ausstellungsdauer: 9.11.2002 - 11.1.2003
Öffnungszeiten: Mo-Sa 9 - 17 Uhr und nach Verabredung

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