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The crowd at Maria Cristina avenue in Barcelona, Spain
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Spencer Tunick
Public Works 2001-2004

Spencer Tunick's exhibition will be his first comprehensive show of photographs in New York since his I-20 show in 1998. The new photographs have been produced from public works that were organized in cities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Portugal, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.

Tunick's installations often encompass hundreds or thousands of volunteers; and the photographs, following the artist's mapping strategy for individuals, are records of these events. In some of the more formal compositions, the eye is kept on abstract designs of lines and angles created before urban exteriors or skylines. In other works, the mass of tangled bodies has been compared to a single new substance. Both the live installation and the photograph reference a socially valued act between volunteers that possesses an essential dignity. Tunick's installations are temporary experiences of controlled - sometimes sublime - chaos.

The most recent work was commissioned in March for the cover of the 10th anniversary issue of POZ, and was made in Florent restaurant in New York. The first print from this edition will be donated to Visual AIDS; all volunteers for the installation were HIV Positive.

Spencer Tunick had a recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, a project that will be followed by a public installation in Cleveland on June 26. His work is currently on view in "Bodily Space" at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, paired with a Rodin retrospective that allows for a continuum in art of the body in public space. Upcoming 2004 shows include the Hales Gallery, London, and the National Museum of Visual Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay. In 2005 he will organize his first installation in Germany for the Museum Kunst Palast Dusseldorf.

In 2003 Tunick had exhibitions and installations for the reopening of The Saatchi Gallery, London; Selfridges London; and Barcelona's Institut de Cultura; in 2002 for the 25th São Paulo Biennale; Art in General, New York; the Helsinki City Art Museum; and the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Montreal, Quebec; in 2001 at SITE Santa Fe in New Mexico; and the Galleria Communale Arte de Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome; and in 1999 at the Magazin 4, Bregenz, Austria; the Vienna Kunsthalle; and Statements, Art 30 Basel, Switzerland.

In 2002, after his installation for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, he was voted "Man of the Year" in Chile, the first non-Chilean ever to receive this designation. The Barcelona project drew 7,000 volunteers, the largest number to date.

Spencer Tunick's work was the subject of a recent film produced by HBO Documentaries and Juntos Films, and directed by Arlene Donnelly Nelson. The artist lives in Brooklyn.

Exhibition: May 8 - June 19, 2004
Gallery hours: Tue Sat 11am - 6 pm

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