© Andrew Scott

© Andrew Scott

Subtle Bodies

Nicola Dove
, Marcus Haydock, Andrew Scott

"Subtle Bodies" presents three photographers exploring connections between the external world and the inner realm. Alluding to worlds beyond the surface of the image, the exhibition invites us to consider our own exploration of reality and mortality in relation to the less definable energetic forces generating around us.

Nicola Dove is currently researching the social integration of religious faiths and the pursuit of individual spiritual experience. For this exhibition she's made a series of portraits that question whether it is possible to photographically convey the energy of prayer or mantra and create an "exchange" with the viewer. Her subjects, from different faiths, were asked to recite a chosen prayer or mantra while looking directly into the camera. Long exposure techniques were used "to allow the prayer's essence to enter the space and be imbued through the camera onto film". The photographs will be accompanied by soundscapes of prayers created by the filmmaker and sound designer Shreepali Patel.

Marcus Haydock's photographs metaphorically document the ebb and flow of the energies in the immediate everyday world in which we live. David Chandler comments that Haydock's photographs "add weight to the idea that photography can be as much to do with sensing as it is with seeing. Like other visual artists and writers, he tries to persuade us that the world turns not only on dramatic events, played out on an epic scale, but on more subtle, barely traceable forces that are continually folding in and out of one another, all around us, at all times."

Andrew Scott's still life triptychs, photographed within their domestic environment, are created using a medium format camera, lengthy exposures and taken either at night under ordinary domestic lightbulbs or in the shade in daylight. These large photographic details of bed sheets and items of clothing reveal the subtle imprint of their owner. In his absence we are able to contemplate the emotional energy retained in the things we have inhabited and the traces we leave behind.

The exhibition is curated by Catherine Williams and is part of an ongoing programme at Photofusion to support photographers in the early stages of their careers.

Exhibition: 23 March - 13 May 2006
Opening hours: Tues-Sat 10am - 6pm; Thursday evening by appointment

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