© SunTek Chung

Ich R Us, 2006
c-print, 40 x 72 inches (102 x 183 cm)

Suntek Chung
??? Cho Ung Soo

"??? Cho Ung Soo" is Suntek Chung's first solo show at Samson Projects. On view: three photographs and one sculpture.

Chung's large-scale photographs are painstakingly constructed and staged in the studio. They are large because they have to be. The artist inserts himself. The artist's complex sets juxtapose the classic and the contemporary, blurring the distinction between written legend and pop culture.

The newest of Chung's photographs, "Ich R Us" is a re-interpretation of the Icarus myth in which the wings have been replaced with common rotating fans.

"The South, the South and Chapter 43: Heaven & Earth" he alludes to issues ranging from stereotypes of the Asian and African American male versus their physical prowess and suburban anomie.

The sculpture, "Kingdom Come," combines elements of Zen gardens and corporate office culture, replete with the Hyundai logo and Buddhist prayer beads.

Legend and fantasy is pasted together into layered, dreamlike scenes that elicit deliberation, authentic and nervous.

SunTek Chung has exhibited at Ballroom Marfa (TX), Mouri Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), Art in General (NYC, NY) and most recently at the P.S.1/MoMA International and National Project Rooms in L.I.C, NY. Chung received his M.F.A. from Yale.

Exhibition: February 17 - March 24, 2007
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11 am - 6 pm, and by appointment

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