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Mick Williamson: Photo Diaries
Silver Gelatin Print

Telling Tales

Susan Andrews
, Heather McDonough, Rod Morris, Mick Williamson

In this exhibition four photographers examine the relationship between photography and text. Some of the artists work is inspired by or implies the written word and the images become poetry, telling other stories. For others text becomes an integral part of the work, not in a descriptive sense but rather offering a different, parallel reading of the work and a dialogue between image and text is forged.

Susan Andrews work, "Black Dogs" investigates the changed perceptions of those with depression. Andrews photographs the backs of her subjects located within a familiar landscape. The text is supplied by the subjects and operates in conjunction or opposition with their image. As Alice Miller states in "The Drama of Being a Child", Narcissus is deceived by his own reflection, since it shows only his perfect, wonderful face and not his inner world, his pain, his history. His back view, for instance, and his shadow remain hidden from him; they do not belong to and are cut off from his beloved reflection.

Heather McDonough "Lost Gloves" are stories that fall from the hand. They are discarded or misplaced, and when a glove is lost it renders its partner redundant. This book is a rescue mission. McDonough has photographed found objects over many years. Here her images are shown in partnership with David Harrison diary entries, creating a poetry that allows the viewer to take the objects on a new adventure.

In Rod Morris work, "Gone" the images describe an atmosphere of moments past, of time spent. A sense of presence recently departed, possibly yet to return. The work is a photographic poem. A phone book lies open, its pages turning in the wind, outside the phonebox the landscape seems to drift on forever; a glass of beer stands on the bar, the condensation drips slowly down the glass; footprints track across the sand, a clean white froth of wave threatens their existence.

From the Photo-Diaries of Mick Williamson "A stone bottle, half defined by light from an unseen source on a single bench in a darkened room, lending a long shadow across a wooden floor. An otherwise empty room. A table laid for eating outdoors, the shadows of leaves creating patterns on the tablecloth in the morning sun. Having shot thousands of black and white images over nearly thirty years, often held at arms length or at the hip he seeks to capture what is incidental and unexpected. In selecting images from this massive body of work, a partial, gentle fragment of memory is formed.

"Telling Tales" is part of Photomonth 2004, co-ordinated by Alternative Arts.

Exhibition: 12 - 28 November, 2004
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 12 - 6 pm

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