© Tom Meacham

We are all alone here, 2003
Acrylic and spray paint on paper, 11 x 14 inches
© Tom Meacham

The day after I destroyed the women
I wished I had not destroyed them

Tom Meacham, Agata Oleksiak, Dasha Shishkin, Aaron Wexler

"The day after..." plays on the narrative themes of writer John Fante: unintegrated desire, cultural displacement, and the perils of imaginative escape.

Tom Meacham's group of paintings incorporate expressive gesture and iconic signification. Painted out and painted over, they convey a frustrated impulse to pervert their own meaning. Inspired by the visual language of Peter Greenaway, Agata Oleksiak's crochet sculpture, installation and costume engage the natural movement of the body, architectural pattern-making, the relationship between flesh and fabric, rope, twine, and other materials.

Dasha Shishkin's pen and ink drawings, titled "Violence on Paper", depict a series of animate metamorphoses. Aggressive and intimate, the drawings confound orders of nature and fable. Aaron Wexler's cut-paper dreamscapes forge associative links between interior and material structures. A mirage of cityscapes, sport, frozen gesture and playground gymnasiums initiate a curious visual play with their viewer.

Curator: Lital Mehr

Exhibition: July 15 - August 13, 2004
Gallery hours: Mon-Fri 11 am - 6 pm (Summer hours)

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