© Charlotte Dumas

Charlotte Dumas: Untitled, 2002

© Marco van Duyvendijk

Marco van Duyvendijk: Nicoleta, Costinesti, Rumania, 2002

© Gertjan Kocken

Gertjan Kocken: Zeebrugge (Belgium), 2000

The First Round

Charlotte Dumas
, Marco van Duyvendijk,
Gertjan Kocken

Selected Works from the collection

This summer Huis Marseille is presenting three young Dutch photographers in an exhibition entitled "The First Round". Each represents a very striking position in photography. Their similarity lies in the fact that all three have embraced a theme and consistently developed it.

Charlotte Dumas (1977) makes portraits of animals. In Huis Marseille, she displays the portraits she recently made of horses at the mounted police. In the individual portraits and the mounted tableaux vivants she reveals how these horses embody both courage and vulnerability. The portraits also show the power, energy and elegance of these animals, which has rightly granted them the reputation of being noble animals and given them highly symbolic meaning.

Marco van Duyvendijk (1974) is a colourist pur sang. A subtle use of colour and a warm pallet characterize the photographs he made on his long travels through Eastern European countries. His first love was Lithuania, where the foundations lay of his extremely personal portraits of the people he meets along his way. In Rumania, he refined this into a specialism, with portraits of (street) children to whom he returns and visits every year.

Gertjan Kocken (1971) makes photographs of landscapes with a meaning. In Huis Marseille he presents a selection of his photographs of spots where major disasters have occurred. At first sight, these photos are of landscapes in which there is nothing unusual. The viewer is not forced to look in a particular direction and is free to gaze at the image randomly. Not one ominous reference to the disaster which occurred at that spot is present in the picture; the photograph was made long afterward. However, once you have read the names of the locations of the photographs, your view is coloured.

The Huis Marseille Collection
Since its opening in September 1999, Huis Marseille has had its own collection of photography. This collection has gradually built up throughout the years and currently comprises over 145 photographs. Small selections are regularly shown in Huis Marseille. The accent of the collection is on contemporary work of both Dutch and foreign photographers who represent the most important developments within photography.

June 7 – August 24, 2003
This summer (June 7 – August 24), Huis Marseille is open longer in the evenings:
on Thursdays and Fridays, visitors can see the exhibition from 11:00 to 20:00 hours. On other days, Huis Marseille is open until 17:00 hours (closed Mondays).

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