© Torbjørn Rødland

Images of countryside churches, collapsed farm-houses, music cassettes and pretty girls with big glasses…

Torbjørn Rødland
More Songs, Buildings and Girls

Air de Paris is pleased to introduce "More Songs Buildings and Girls", Rødland's first solo-show in Paris since 1999, his very first exhibition with black and white photographs. His work explores the complex and fluctuating relation between popular culture and traditional values.

"There's a lot of contemporary colour photography around, but the black and white work you see - with very few exceptions - is either strongly idea-based or naively pre-conceptual. For me, there's now a bigger challenge in looking at classic grey-tone photography than in looking at colourful portraits of Britney Spears from the late 90s. Black and white seems more banal, more problematic, more beautiful".

Asked why he's been working with churches, Rødland says: "I see them as houses for irrationality. And as long as I can remember, I've related to this type of building. There's something dream-like about it. In much the same way as photographing beautiful women, photographing churches seems to be a very basic activity - something an uptight amateur could do. I loved it."

Exposition: 13.9. - 8.11.2003
Ouvert: Mardi - Samedi 11 - 19 h

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