© Anahita Vossoughi

© Anahita Vossoughi


Mark Koval
, Catherine Tafur, Anahita Vossoughi,
Leah Wilemon

Open Ground presents "Touched", an exhibition of works that explore the nature of physical contact and emotional connection. Through abstraction, figuration, and text, four artists collectively depict the visceral qualities of painting, the sexuality of the body and the tenderness of longing. Mark Koval, Catherine Tafur, Anahita Vossoughi and Leah Wilemon create an intense experience where an implied narrative emerges from the dialogue between these disparate artists.

Mark Koval's abstractions use the physical, tactile presence of paint and other materials to explore surface and gesture. The painting process is an intuitive free for all. Some works are quick and immediate while others become more layered and involved.

Catherine Tafur is a figurative painter whose work exhibits a confrontational sexuality. Traditional categories of gender and orientation become obsolete as androgynous figures flaunt their distorted and idealized bodies.

Anahita Vossoughi presents paintings of the male form, sexuality, romance, and aggression. Beautifully sensitive and masculine men join and clash as they examine themselves in an attempt to explain their maleness.

Leah Wilemon uses highly personalized, minimal text implying moments of desire and interface, placed sparsely upon objects of like ambiguity.

Exhibition: May 1 - 30, 2004
Opening hours: Sat/Sun 1 -6 pm

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