© Warren Isensee
"Finest Aura", 2002

Warren Isensee

Massimo Audiello is pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Warren Isensee. The show will open on Friday, April 26, 2002 and will run through June 1, 2002. This will be his second solo-show with Massimo Audiello.

Warren Isensee is a painter with a sense of humor. You only have to peruse his titles to understand that his work is a game of wits. Sunset Stripe, Natural Seduction, Finest Aura…his feel for puns is an elaboration of his painting style, silly and sardonic all at once.

Isensee continues to work with his pebble motif and maintains his signature meticulously clean edges without the aid of any tape or masking techniques. The geometry of his work has maintained a taste for charged accumulations; however what is new on the horizon here, are more linear optical games.

One begins to see reason and analysis encroaching into each composition, replacing a once bursting exuberance with a more vehement investigation. So the positive energy is the same but Warren is developing a dialogue for different shades of moods.

Confirming this exploration, he has begun to mute some of his colors which has allowed him to reveal a new palette of emotions. Some of the optical intensity has been dissolved creating room for cooler atmospheres and new electric melancholies.

Architecture and design dominates the core of his inspiration to testify his belief in the power to build your own positive vision. It is an optimism against all odds which never becomes dogmatic since it is based on such an exhilarating notion of play.

Ultimately, in this new body of work Warren Isensee is toying with his identity as a pop painter. His search for a "Pop sublime" has brought him within a context where, in his own words…"For years I couldn’t say the word "beauty" and now I find myself swinging that way."

April 26 - June 1, 2002

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