© Ryan Kitson

Ryan Kitson: Scary Bitches (Pisinoe, Aglaope & Thelyiepia), 2007
(detail), Mixed Media, 20 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 2 in.,
52.07 x 19.05 x 5.08 cm

With Teeth

Kane Austin
, Sarah Braman, Talia Chetrit, Adrian Crabbs, Ry Fyan, Suzanne Goldenberg, Jenna Gribbon, Van Hanos, Alexander Hubbard, Ryan Kitson, Marcus Knupp, Gretchen Scherer, Chad Scoville, Jade Townsend, James J. Williams III, Michael Yinger

Priska C. Juschka Fine Art is pleased to present "With Teeth", a multi-faceted group exhibition of hard-working / hard playing and feverish young artists curated by painter Ryan Schneider. Utilizing a decidedly Do It Yourself aesthetic, Schneider has pieced together a group of seventeen artists working in various media, most of whom are personally connected in some way to him and each other. Their work relates loosely to one another and seems to have been propelled by certain cultural references which generate a conceptual common ground.

Working slowly with thin layers, Van Hanos paints fantastical images that are creepily veiled beneath an otherworldly iridescence. Adrian Crabbs' work surprisingly exploits his morbid fascination with a mundane, lackadaisical lifestyle by creating multi media work that is glib on the surface but oddly sentimental underneath. In her sublimely composed photographs, Talia Chetrit presents the viewer with elusive moments of the everyday; such as tire tracks on gravel, or trails left by airplanes that are physically long gone. Through his installations, photographs and writings, James J. Williams III quietly opens the door for us into his personal life above all still managing to remain absolutely elusive. Jade Townsend uses built and found objects to create sculpture that is always confrontationally ambient and stubbornly rooted in down home punk rock ethics.

With his videos, paintings, and lectures, Alex Hubbard fascinatingly explores a variety of bizarre incidents and events, with a particular slant in meth culture. Seemingly trying to make sense of chaotic urban life, Gretchen Scherer presents the viewer with raucously collaged portraits of what we see on the streets and in the subways everyday, injecting the images with a feel of impending eruption. Through his photographs, Kane Austin documents the late nights, early mornings, and intimate moments of his glitzy, gritty life while Michael Yinger regurgitates American detritus to create sculptures and installations that, with Midwest charm, reflect a culture of waste and nastiness.

Through a vigorously disciplined process of painting and painting out, Chad Scoville creates richly surfaced canvases elegantly monochromatic, and full to the brim with abstract muscle. Sarah Braman utilizes widely considered throw-away materials such as cardboard boxes, Plexiglas shards, and fragmented canvas to create contemporarily modern looking sculpture calling to mind beautiful makeshift shelters. With particular technical virtuosity, Ry Fyan makes paintings and drawings allegiant to no particular surface or style, gathering often unrelated imagery and transforming it into harmonious overloaded compositions. Marcus Knupp places the viewer in an imagined landscape, juxtaposing nonsensical images into seamless compositions.

With her diminutive realist canvases, Jenna Gribbon gives us an eerie, intimate view into a quiet world of still interiors. With his madcap, caricature-esque realism, Ryan Kitson creates sculptural objects that explore the lesser known but all too interesting facets of pop culture, like parrot toys and over-abundant jewelry habits. Suzanne Goldenberg makes work that relies on the recycled material and detritus that populates our urban landscape.

The process oriented band Telepathe, centered around Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais, produces music that is unconventionally danceable, abstractly moody, and ever evolving which they will perform live at the opening.

Exhibition: June 28 - July 28, 2007
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11 am - 6 pm and by appointment

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