© Wolfgang Tillmans

Super Collider #1, 2000

Wolfgang Tillmans
if one thing matters, everything matters

Tillmans' figurative photographs present us with a compelling alternative to conventional ideas about beauty - his landscapes, still-lifes and portraits have a distinctive energy, often appearing spontaneous and improvisatory when in fact they are carefully planned.

He also recently began to make abstract compositions by manipulating the effects of light on photo-sensitive paper. While continuing to explore the potential of the still image Tillmans has begun to work with video, collaborating with the pop group, the Pet Shop Boys, on a music video and making a large-scale video installation, "Lights (Body)" 2000-2. He will make a new film to be premiered at Tate Britain during this exhibition.

6 June - 14 September 2003
Daily, 10.00-17.50

Tate Britain
UK-London, SW1P 4RG
Telephone +44 020 7887 8000